Storing Your Garden Pots For Wintertime? 3 Tips To Make Sure They Are Ready For Next Year

If you live on the lower side of hardiness zones, such as 1 through 4, your growing season may only last five or six months. This means your garden will be inactive for a major portion of the year. Keeping your pots in these drastic outdoor conditions can cause permanent damage to certain materials. If you do not have room in your home or in a storage shed, you can keep these planters in a storage unit instead. Here's how to store those garden pots for your long winter:

Terra Cotta

A popular type of pot is terra cotta. They all look quite similar, aside from different sizes, but the same general shape will help you have an easier time with storing these pots. The trick is to layer them inside a wooden crate, or even on the inside of a sturdy pallet that you can get from local businesses.

Since they are susceptible to sticking together with drastic temperature changes, you need a storage unit with climate control. This is the only way that you can guarantee the prevention of lasting damage while the pots are in storage.


When your ceramic pots spend a number of months outside, they will be exposed to the elements. It is not uncommon for these pots to get hit with various stains or even discoloration. It is best to treat all forms of damage, even if it is just cosmetic, before you put these ceramic pots into storage. Glazed pots are the simplest to maintain because they are not as absorbent as unglazed ones. To get rid of these issues, start with a brush, move on to steel wool, and then finish the cleaning off in the dishwasher. This will get the pots ready for storage, and having a climate-controlled unit will prevent the growth of mold.


If you do not live in areas where it freezes, you may be okay with keeping your plastic pots outside. But, freezing temperatures are common in the lower hardiness zones, so a storage unit becomes a necessity. If you are interested in maximizing the lifespan of these pots, you must keep them from freezing. But, as soon as the freezing temperatures come to an end, you can bring plastic pots out to get ready for planting.

Starting anew with your potted garden each year may be an exciting process, but you need pots in great condition to ensure optimal growth. Following these tips for pot storage will help ensure this happens.

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