Ways To Make A Long-Distance Move Go Smoothly

When you're moving across town, it's relatively easy to rent a truck, enlist the help of some strong-armed friends and take care of business yourself. When the move is across the state, however, it's a good idea to hire a professional crew. Taking back-and-forth trips between the two houses isn't feasible when you're moving a considerable distance away, which means that a large truck will be necessary. Depending on the distance between the houses, you might even be spending a night or two in a hotel during the move. Here are some methods that you can use to make a long-distance move go smoothly.

Pack Your Essentials In A Suitcase

You'll find that you're less stressed (and less likely to forget something important) during a long-distance move if you make sure to pack all the essentials related to the move in a suitcase and keep it with you. This should include documentation related to the house purchase and sale, keys for the new house, personal items such as clothing and toiletries if you'll be spending the night in a hotel and other such items.

Have Young Children Spend Time With Family

A long-distance move can be arduous for young children. While there's certainly an element of excitement, young children often rely on routines. The disruption of these routines — sleeping in a hotel, spending long hours in the car and, in general, seeing changes to the home as it is packed up — can make this period challenging for children, which can be distracting for you. If you have family in your current city or in the city to which you'll be moving, it's advantageous to have them take your young children for a few days. Of course, this works best if your kids have previously spent a few nights away from home, but knowing that your children are in good hands can help you better concentrate on the particulars of the move.

Label Boxes To Speed Up The Move-In Process

It's worthwhile to spend a little extra time packing your items to alleviate stress at the end of the move. After a long-distance move, the last thing you'll want to do is struggle to find key items once you arrive in the new home. A missing coffee pot or set of dishes, for example, can be frustrating. As you pack, take a moment to write not only the items packed inside each box, but also the room they should be carried to. This will help you unpack quickly and easily at the end of the move.

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