Rugs Are Flooring Treasures ~ Preparing Yours For Storage

Are you planning to put expensive rugs into storage? Perhaps you received them as a gift or inheritance. This means that you may not be familiar with the steps you should take to keep the rugs in good condition. If they are not properly prepared for storage, there is a possibility that they could get damaged. The following points will aid in helping you to store your flooring treasures.


You need to get the rugs as clean as possible before you store them. Vacuuming the dust or beating dirt from rugs outside with a stick is one way to remove residual particles. Opt for vacuuming when possible because it will also remove dust mites and allergens. Keep in mind that some types of rugs may be made of delicate fabric. It may be better to use the wand on your vacuum if there is a chance that the brush roll on the vacuum could damage the rug. Avoid wetting the rugs. If they are heavily soiled, have them professionally cleaned. 


One mistake that some people make when storing rugs is folding them. Keep in mind that rugs are not supposed to be folded like clothing. If you fold your rugs, there is a strong chance that they will develop creases, and these may be hard or impossible to remove. This could negatively impact any plans that you may have to sell or display the rugs at a later date.

Observe each of the rugs and determine whether the fabric portion, which is referred to as the pile is more vulnerable than the foundation. Roll the most vulnerable side inwards, and if both areas appear to be in roughly the same condition, roll the rug with the pile in. 


Ensuring that your rugs are not prone to moisture damage is an important part of the storage process. Mildew is one type of damage that could be caused if your rugs get compromised by moisture. Avoid plastic containers and wraps that could cause moisture accumulation. Tyvek paper is an example of a water-resistant wrapping paper that can be used for rug storage. 


Choose a storage area that is not prone to humidity and temperature fluctuations. A climate-controlled storage unit is an ideal option for storage especially if the only places you have available in your home are the basement or attic, which may have inconsistent temperatures. Keep the rugs protected from sunlight due to the risk of fading. Also, be mindful of pest damage if you are storing rugs at home. This will require you to routinely inspect the rug storage area for signs of insect activity and to clean away dust as needed. 

A moving and storage company is a good resource to use if you have additional concerns about prepping the rugs for storage or securing a safe place to keep them. They may offer rug storage services that include the optional prepping of rugs.   

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