Helpful Tips For Moving And Storing Your Washing Machine And Dryer

Washing machines and dryers are both significant investments. There is a right and a wrong way to both move and store these appliances. Adhering to these guidelines is important if you want to protect your investment. Before you start this process, make sure you know what to do.

Start Prepping Early

Don't wait until moving day to start prepping your washing machine and dryer. It's best to start several days in advance. Start by running a rinse cycle in the washing machine. This will clear out any dirt, hardened detergent or other debris in the unit.

Performing this step several days ahead gives the machine plenty of time to dry out so that you don't have to worry about the remaining moisture leading to mold or mildew development. Leave the door open to allow it to air out. This is an especially critical step if the washing machine is going to straight to long-term storage. For the dryer, you can prep it by removing any remaining lent.    

Transport With Care

When moving day arrives, it's important that you transport the washing machine and dryer carefully. The first thing you want to do is use a thick tape to secure the door and hinges. During the transport process, if the door opens, it can get bumped and damaged. The tape helps keep the door in place and avoid this type of mishap.

Second, ensure these appliances are some of the first things you place inside the truck. This doesn't just help keep the weight in the truck balanced, but it also reduces the risk of the appliances moving around during transport and causing damage to themselves, as well as your other belongings within the moving truck.

Protect For Storage

If you plan to store the washing machine and dryer long-term, you need to take extra steps to protect the appliances. This is best achieved by making sure you are covering the storage unit properly. First, avoid using a plastic cover or tarp to protect the unit.

Plastic blocks air flow and can cause moisture to accumulate in the machine which can cause rust and other damage to develop. It's best to use a breathable fabric like cotton. This material doesn't restrict air flow and it is also heavy enough to protect the appliances from scratching.  

The more care you practice during the moving and storing process, the greater confidence you will have that your appliances will be intact and in working condition when you're ready to use them.  

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