Intend On Accessing Your Storage Unit At Night? Prioritize Several Qualities When Picking A Facility

Most cities and towns have no shortage of self storage facilities in the area. Having so many options to choose from gives the customer enormous power in being able to commit to a certain company based on the qualities that are important to them. Some individuals may want low prices or climate control, but you may be interested in renting from a storage facility that provides optimal nighttime access.

24/7 Access to the Unit

Some storage complexes give you access partially into the night, but this is not sufficient enough. These hours may force you to rush to the unit after getting off work just to make it in time before closing. This could make it a huge challenge to bring new possessions into the unit without complication. A unit with 24/7 access is your best bet because you can show up at any given time and have unobstructed access.   

Extensive Lighting

Before picking any facility after finding out that there is one nearby with constant access, you should request a walkthrough to determine whether it meets your lighting demands. Being able to use your storage unit at night is nice, but you also want to have ample lighting to help you feel completely safe and secure. It is also crucial for getting around because you do not want to damage any of your items. You should demand ample lighting at the front entrance and along the outside roads and pathways. For indoor units, you want to make sure the building has ample lighting, especially the hallways where you will be walking. It is essential to look inside units to see what kind of lighting you will have to use.

Storage units measuring 10x15 feet and with climate control can run anywhere from $115 to $150, and you may need set your budget towards the middle or high end of that number to get lots of lighting. But, you will appreciate having a facility that you feel safe driving in, walking around, and using at night.

Active Security

The best way for a storage facility to top off their night access is with active security. Knowing that there are security guards roaming the premises is beneficial because they will keep an eye on everything. If you notice anything strange, you can always find one of the guards and make a report or ask for help.

Although it may require you to spend a bit more to get these outstanding features, you will find that it is a smart choice when you know that you will be mainly accessing your storage unit in the night.

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