Why And When To Hire Furniture Movers

You may think the only time you need to use a mover is when you're moving to a new home. However, you may find the need to hire furniture movers occasionally even when you're not moving. Since you may only move a few pieces, you can often get quick service when you hire a moving service. You might even get same-day service when possible. Here's why it's good to hire furniture movers and why you might need them.

Why Hire Furniture Movers

Hiring professional movers ensures your furniture stays safe while being moved. This could be extremely important if you're moving an expensive sofa or bed. The movers know how to dismantle furniture and reassemble it in the new location. They'll also wrap the furniture if necessary to protect it as much as possible.

Another important reason to hire furniture movers is so you can spare yourself from hard labor. Unless you're in excellent physical condition, you may find it difficult to lift heavy furniture. Some furniture, such as a solid wood dining table, is very heavy and needs a few people and moving equipment.

Using professionals keeps you from hurting your back or knees and it also keeps you from pestering your friends for help with dangerous lifting and carrying.

When To Use Furniture Movers

You can use a furniture mover to move a single piece of furniture or all of the furniture in your home. You can use them for a long-distance or local move. You can even hire a mover to move heavy furniture from one room in your home to another when the piece is too large and heavy for you to deal with.

You might want a mover to take old furniture to a charity shop or to take it to an upholstery shop to be repaired. If you'll be renovating and need to get furniture out of the way, you may want the movers to put your furniture in a storage unit or move it to a portable unit that's in your driveway.

Furniture movers may also move other heavy things, such as pianos, safes, and appliances. You can call and get a quote or get a quote when the crew arrives and decide if you want their services. You may find hiring furniture movers is much more convenient than moving furniture yourself or hiring a moving truck for a DIY move. You'll avoid an injury, your furniture will be safer, and you won't have to intrude on your friends for help. 

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